FAQ’s – frequently asked questions



  • How do i advertise a property on your website?

Ans: Simply Click on the Advertise Property button, Login or Register and you will see the available packages for both private sellers and real estate agents.


  • Can i sign up as an Agent?

Ans: Yes you can. After registering, there is an area on the registration page that gives you the option to become an agent. You will be able to add all your contact information, social media details and also advertise as an agent.


  • How long after submitting my property, will it appear?

Ans: Usually your property will appear immediately after submission but we also try to review each listing to ensure that they maintain our guidelines and are placed in the appropriate category, location etc.


  • How long will my property appear on your website?

Ans: Property listings can stay as long as you want until it is sold, it just all depends on the package you choose. The minimum time frame for a listing is 1 month, a few days before expiration an automated message will be sent via email alerting you to renew your property Ad. Once you continue to renew your property listing at the appropriate time your ad will never expire. We also urge property owners that when your property is sold, please DELETE or label it as SOLD


  • How do i add my Real Estate Agency to your directory?

Ans: To add your Agency to our website directory, please click the advertise property tab “top right” from there you will see business listing option. If you have any questions please Contact Us, please also see benefits of adding your Company to our directory.


  • Does your company charge commission on properties sold?

Ans: No, we do not. The only cost associated with your listing is the advertising charges.


  • How do i get in contact with a Property Owner/Agent?

Ans: All properties have a owner/agent, please check below each property to see who is the representative(s). All information are disclosed including email, phone number, fax and address for easy access (Please note that Owners/Agents also have the ability to hide certain contact details like email to avoid spamming)



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